Ode to Morpheus

Ode to Morpheus
By AJ O’Brien.

Upon the ancient shores
of a midnight Goliath,
beneath the sorrows
of a chosen few,
does sing
a bird of paradise.

And the many
they did look upon and weep,
for an endless army
of forgotten love.
So the song does sleep,
quietly, and for eternity. 

By reason of Insanity

By reason of Insanity
By AJ O’Brien.

Dressed within the darkness
beneath a torrential rain
as one with the black, black soil
drinking in his new domain.

Happy in their cosy dens
the innocent lay sleeping,
and strike the witching hour
madness will come a creeping.

For twelve years they held him
locked up good and tight,
but they made one mistake
he grabbed it and took flight.

A broken mind unleashed
wicked desires set free,
a man without a soul
and so begins another spree.

Steel bars march across windows
so many locks upon a door,
matters not, he’ll find a way in
and cut you to the very core.

A sinner held at bay
too late, he’s through the door,
armed and very dangerous
it’s now time to explore.

Dancing beneath the heavy rain
washing away secret sins,
such a happy, happy monster,
and so the carnage begins.

And came a demon

And came a demon
By AJ O’Brien.
Travels Barbas
beneath ancient stars,
astride a horse crimson.
Black thoughts
bleeding into the mist,
screaming at the darkness.
Abaddon, the black-eyed demon
demands the souls of the dead,
so must he deliver.
With sword born of hunger
and set the task of death,
so must he slaughter.
Plead the old and young
mercy sweet mercy
as they are torn asunder.
One thousand souls
and be the demon free
too embrace sleep eternally.
And his quest goes on
beneath ancient stars,
astride a horse crimson.

House on the Hill

House on the Hill
By AJ O’Brien.

Brown dust feeding
upon a house of red,
grotesque puncture marks
longing to be fed.

Injecting a land of sorrows
until they fell and bled,
searching their memories
for someone dead.

Steel pointed daggers
piercing within a lonely room,
little blue tunnels collapsing
the end is coming soon.

White dust black rust
jack up and see,
and bathe in an ocean
of a killer’s reality.

Pay back

Pay back

By AJ O’Brien.

I awake within a box

beneath sacred soil,

my heart hits a beat

blue tunnels fill with blood,

begin to flow and boil.

I claw my way out

and happily arise

within a graveyard dark,

surrounded by the dead

and long forgotten goodbyes.

I hunger for your pain

as I look upon my empty grave,

wish me well lover

for it’s your sweetheart

my hands do crave.

I dance toward your fear

beneath a fractured moon,

lock your doors and windows

my evil little angel.

For I shall be there soon.

Pebble Island

Pebble Island

Written by my late sister-in-law.
Deirdre Travers.

I carved myself a country
though jagged rough and sharp,
It was rounded smooth and polished,
by the sound of an ancient harp.

I fashioned it out of solid rock
with veins of marble and gold,
and thought it could stand against the world
until time it self, grew old.

It wasn’t supposed to be very big
I didn’t want an empire,
just a place to be at peace
with more to give, than fear and fire.

To many, my rock was another dying day
just floating upon a sea.
God help them, all they saw was rock,
but it was beautiful to me.

An unlocked door

An unlocked door
By AJ O’Brien.

So silent the thief
as she steals his darkest dream,
hidden within the sounds
of an ancient scream.
So happy is she
unleashing a demon’s nightmare,
such wicked thoughts
no mortal can bear.
Shame upon the maker
of such a black dream,
for his mind is corrupted
as it drinks from an innocent scream.


The Killing machine

The Killing machine
By AJ O’Brien.

Hands imprisoned, ringed with steel
climbing an empty black hall.
Don’t wanna go there
I pull back, stumble and fall.
Careless hands dirty nails
pull me upright, crush my soul,
leading me onward and down
toward my final goal.

Our footfalls cease
empty sounds collide,
beyond this ugly door
gonna take the ultimate ride.
Before me it stands
one hundred miles high,
my crimes are laid bare
am i really about to die?

I hear the audience breathing
I begin to cry.
Don’t deserve to live
but don’t wanna die.
Shiny leather straps
kiss and lock me down,
gonna be the very first.
Don’t wanna wear that crown.

The switch is caressed
against the straps I strain,
Oh dear sweet Jesus
this is way beyond pain.

I’m dancing, dancing
beneath a summer’s rain,
and I promise, promise
I will never kill again.

Sweet screams

Sweet screams
By AJ O’Brien

Through tunnels midnight red
sail addictive dreams,
turning into monsters
tearing at the seams.

Breaking up, falling down
no life giving powder,
seeking her God
can’t scream any louder.

Eyes running on empty
so cold the wind blows
seeking her God,
and so it goes.

Shooting up
shot way down
climbing the streets,
In search of Master Brown.

And her God appeared,
so the demon spikes in.
But he is pure, uncut.
A cardinal sin.

Unleashed, the killer attacks,
no prisoners no sorrow.
and for another dead life,
no tomorrow.

Dance of a Thousand Kings

Dance of a Thousand Kings
By AJ O’Brien.
For my wife, Pauline.

If I could I would catch a dream
a dream filled with love
and wonderful things.
Holding it locked within my heart
until a time when we were apart.

Then this dream of our love
would rise from within my soul
and together we would dance
as an angel sings,
the dance of a Thousand Kings.

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