Strange encounters

Strange encounters

By AJ O’Brien.

 From within a tiny spaceship

appeared a huge creature,

he’s traveled an awful long way

and his name is Hickybeeper.

With a bottle shaped head

and three pairs of ears,

three yellow eyes

that cried golden tears.

Leaving the spaceship

he went for a walk

and came upon a dog,

that could bark but not talk.

Greetings. I come in peace

You funny looking creature.

What’s your name?

Mine’s Hickeybeeper.

Woof woof said the dog

And then sat down,

looking up at Hickeybeeper

who’s smile turned to a frown.

Nice name.Woof woof.

And do you live nearby?

Woof woof said the dog

who seemed quite shy.

Hickeybeeper shook his head

And let out a sigh,

then thought to himself

I’ll give it one more try.

Can you take me to your leader?

Woof woof said the dog.

Okay I’ve had enough

and then along came a frog.

Hello you down there

Do you have a brain in your head ?

Croak croak said the frog

Hickeybeeper turned and fled.

The dog looked down

and barked at the frog.

The frog looked up

and said to the dog

I’m gonna go sit on a log.

Animal heaven is where…

Animal heaven is where…
By AJ O’Brien.

Dogs ride little green bicycles
and take kittens for a ride,
where when the sun goes down
lions and deer, sleep side by side.

Where every Friday, foxes gather
along with hamsters and chickens,
upon a cloud of silken white
to discuss the works of Charles Dickens.

Where bats have super eyesight
and giraffes never have sore throats,
grizzly bears wear nose pegs
when dancing with smelly goats.

Where horses race snails
and snakes are never ever mean,
all frogs have a leg on each corner
and cows sing in fields of green.

Where all ants are named Eric
and ducks wear little blue hats,
dolphins sunbathe on the beach
and penguins are super acrobats.

Where tigers drink red wine
and spiders weave webs of gold,
fish swim and are never caught
and polar bears don’t know the word cold.

Animal Heaven is where
when their time has come,
all God’s creatures go
and do nothing, but have fun.

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