Ode to Morpheus

Ode to Morpheus
By AJ O’Brien.

Upon the ancient shores
of a midnight Goliath,
beneath the sorrows
of a chosen few,
does sing
a bird of paradise.

And the many
they did look upon and weep,
for an endless army
of forgotten love.
So the song does sleep,
quietly, and for eternity. 

And came a demon

And came a demon
By AJ O’Brien.
Travels Barbas
beneath ancient stars,
astride a horse crimson.
Black thoughts
bleeding into the mist,
screaming at the darkness.
Abaddon, the black-eyed demon
demands the souls of the dead,
so must he deliver.
With sword born of hunger
and set the task of death,
so must he slaughter.
Plead the old and young
mercy sweet mercy
as they are torn asunder.
One thousand souls
and be the demon free
too embrace sleep eternally.
And his quest goes on
beneath ancient stars,
astride a horse crimson.

Beyond Black

Beyond Black
By AJ O’Brien.

Barbaric thoughts collide
beneath a children’s sky
and paint the earth
an innocent red.
So the toll is many,
wishing only life
die a hideous demise.

Resurrected black dreams
spewing from minds obscene
inhale the screams of carnage.
And death is innocent
filling their emptiness,
forever broken, yet seeking
the reason why.

Joanne d’ Arc

Joanne d’ Arc
By AJ O’Brien.

Dark dreams, black silk
woven from shadows
and born of fire,
soon to be caressed
by the words
of a lonely martyr.
Kneel within the ashes
of a crime gone by,
and in silence pray,
as you listen to
Joanne d’ Arc cry.


By AJ O’Brien.

And we stand together
you and I,
climbing above the screams
of an asylum.
Our eyes, indecent shadows
dancing upon the weak.

Malice was a forethought
our hunger obscene,
pursuing wicked dreams
to an unknown place.
You and I,
we were damaged hunters.

Opening dams scarlet bright
eating forbidden fruit
we drank from fountains red.
And down this sinful road
you and I,
we did happily tread.



By AJ O’Brien.

Shadows turn to dust
voices melting
slipping to the floor,
tumbling memories,
an unwanted smile.

Far away echoes
charred remains, a distant place.
A graveyard secret
mistakes stain her mind.
Someone to love forever
meaningless thoughts that float away.

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