By reason of Insanity

By reason of Insanity
By AJ O’Brien.

Dressed within the darkness
beneath a torrential rain
as one with the black, black soil
drinking in his new domain.

Happy in their cosy dens
the innocent lay sleeping,
and strike the witching hour
madness will come a creeping.

For twelve years they held him
locked up good and tight,
but they made one mistake
he grabbed it and took flight.

A broken mind unleashed
wicked desires set free,
a man without a soul
and so begins another spree.

Steel bars march across windows
so many locks upon a door,
matters not, he’ll find a way in
and cut you to the very core.

A sinner held at bay
too late, he’s through the door,
armed and very dangerous
it’s now time to explore.

Dancing beneath the heavy rain
washing away secret sins,
such a happy, happy monster,
and so the carnage begins.

25 thoughts on “By reason of Insanity”

  1. Many monsters walk among us—some of the mind, some of flesh and bone. They happily inhabit that dark, evil place most of us never visit, nor do we understand why one would wish to.
    Well done, Alan. 🖤

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