And came a demon

And came a demon
By AJ O’Brien.
Travels Barbas
beneath ancient stars,
astride a horse crimson.
Black thoughts
bleeding into the mist,
screaming at the darkness.
Abaddon, the black-eyed demon
demands the souls of the dead,
so must he deliver.
With sword born of hunger
and set the task of death,
so must he slaughter.
Plead the old and young
mercy sweet mercy
as they are torn asunder.
One thousand souls
and be the demon free
too embrace sleep eternally.
And his quest goes on
beneath ancient stars,
astride a horse crimson.

21 thoughts on “And came a demon”

  1. Yes, sadly, his quest goes on and on! Terrific poem, Alan. You have a way of facing down scary truths in a way that actually makes us want to fight harder for goodness….. And that is a gift!

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  2. Wonderfully dark and descriptive, Alan. Your poem really resonates with me this evening—I just returned home from telling my nephew—who is in a coma dying of cancer—goodbye. He’s only 53, but death waits for no one. 🖤

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