Forgotten dreams

Forgotten dreams
By AJ O’Brien.

Within her green eyes
stray images of a home,
forgotten dreams a whisper
as a song of death
cuts her to the bone.

Just a stone shadow
I didn’t want her to die,
but I can’t save a wish
she became an empty place,
there’s nothing left. I really did try.

Whispered dreams have died
beneath the souls of many dead,
a clock lays ticking
and time did end
because of something I never said.

33 thoughts on “Forgotten dreams”

  1. It’s sad, but I truly love this poem – and the title. When my daughter was little I had to find gluten free treats for her because she is celiac. That was almost 30 years ago before the gluten free phase. One cookie we made were called ‘forgotten dreams’. It was basically meringue that you put in a warmed oven and let it sit overnight. I know your poem has a totally different focus but you did make me smile with the memory of sharing forgotten dreams with my little girl.

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