Strange encounters

Strange encounters

By AJ O’Brien.

 From within a tiny spaceship

appeared a huge creature,

he’s traveled an awful long way

and his name is Hickybeeper.

With a bottle shaped head

and three pairs of ears,

three yellow eyes

that cried golden tears.

Leaving the spaceship

he went for a walk

and came upon a dog,

that could bark but not talk.

Greetings. I come in peace

You funny looking creature.

What’s your name?

Mine’s Hickeybeeper.

Woof woof said the dog

And then sat down,

looking up at Hickeybeeper

who’s smile turned to a frown.

Nice name.Woof woof.

And do you live nearby?

Woof woof said the dog

who seemed quite shy.

Hickeybeeper shook his head

And let out a sigh,

then thought to himself

I’ll give it one more try.

Can you take me to your leader?

Woof woof said the dog.

Okay I’ve had enough

and then along came a frog.

Hello you down there

Do you have a brain in your head ?

Croak croak said the frog

Hickeybeeper turned and fled.

The dog looked down

and barked at the frog.

The frog looked up

and said to the dog

I’m gonna go sit on a log.

31 thoughts on “Strange encounters”

      1. yea its been a while. i did write a piece recently that i misplaced before i had the time to post it. idk, just havent had much spark in the last couple years. honestly not doing so hot all around, but i have a pretty nice medical job these days and my gf helps keep me sane. glad to see you’re still writing though!

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  1. Different than your usual….whimsical and funny. I like it!
    I think, like me, your poetry almost always gravitates to the dark, but I suppose it does us both some good to make an effort to branch out. Have you ever wondered the why of it…why the darkness appeals to us and some others? For as long as I can remember, that has been the way of it for me—and it’s not like I sit alone in a dark room thinking gloomy thoughts. But I swear, almost everything I write, and you also, dear Alan, is steeped in darkness. I don’t plan it; it just happens. Is it the same for you? 💙

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    1. Many thanks, Kathy.
      Yes, like yourself, I do enjoy writing dark poetry.
      I don’t really know why, it’s just something I’ve always
      found easy to write. I do like writing childrens poetry also,
      I have three or four others I have yet to post. But no, it’s
      the dark side that I like to walk. It’s always good to know
      that I’m not alone.
      My late wife, Pauline, once asked me to write her a Love poem.
      So I did just that. It’s called Dance the dance of a thousand Kings.
      I actually have a line from that poem written on Pauline’s
      Headstone. I posted the poem on here, some time ago.
      All my best, Kathy. 💕

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      1. I remembered the poem’s title, so scrolled back through your posts until I found it. Alan, it’s a beautiful tribute to your late wife. I’m sure she loved it. I’ve written several poems for specific people, and most liked them, the one exception being my 1st husband who didn’t care for poetry.
        When I was introduced to Edgar Allan Poe—most specifically his poem “Annabel Lee”—in literature class in high school, I was hooked on darkness. 😊
        It was good to read your work again, and look forward to reading more. 💙

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              1. I do like it, Alan. And I read it all. Though poems of such long length so often lose me, this one kept my interest to the end.
                “And all men kill the thing they love…” my favorite line. I have been on the receiving end of that sort of death, and can well relate. 💙

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