Walking in the dark

By AJ O’Brien.

Once upon a life
within a dark, lonely cell
a man of truth does appear
and asked, which road did I travel,
the one toward Heaven or the one to Hell?

And before him I must knell
for my truth is black as coal.
I took the wrong road
and travelled too far.
Corrupted, I lost my soul.

Come this dawn
so your journey must end,
whispered a man of justice.
Your eyes are empty.
Will you die, holding the hand of a friend?

27 thoughts on “Walking in the dark”

  1. That was just haunting! It is so easy to take the wrong road, which is why I wish we humans were more compassionate than we are. Your poems are also so packed with emotion that seeps through the dark subject matter, and I think that is one of the reasons I like them so much. Also, welcome back! I’m glad to see you’re posting again!

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  2. Your words evoke pathos for this man who took the wrong road. There are so many branches along the roads of our lives, and too often we pass by the sunny ones we should have taken, opting for the dark and mysterious paths instead.
    Well done, Alan! It’s good to see your darkly delicious work here again after your break. I know I take them a lot more than others; either the well runs dry or I’m occupied with other things, and sometimes both.

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