Dance of a Thousand Kings

Dance of a Thousand Kings
By AJ O’Brien.
For my wife, Pauline.

If I could I would catch a dream
a dream filled with love
and wonderful things.
Holding it locked within my heart
until a time when we were apart.

Then this dream of our love
would rise from within my soul
and together we would dance
as an angel sings,
the dance of a Thousand Kings.

41 thoughts on “Dance of a Thousand Kings”

  1. I like very much this poetry, but I would like to say to Mr. O ‘ Briean that not love is imporant, but silence. If peopele love each other it is vey good, but important is that they not hate each other.

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  2. Your wife is very lucky to have that beautiful poem dedicated to her, and the love that in contains! (And now we all know that you can write a love poem just as well as you do “dark” poetry. Great job, Alan!

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