Standing alone

Standing alone
By AJ O’Brien.

God made me
but I am broken,
no time for reality
for death has spoken.

I climb the walls of insanity
my mind is burning black,
will someone let me in
for I cannot turn back.

I hear the voice of reason
a thousand miles away,
it whispers words of peace
on this, my darkest day.

56 thoughts on “Standing alone”

  1. I like the straight forward honesty in this piece. And it’s okay to write dark, as long as you remember the darkest night is always just before dawn. I also don’t believe there are many of us who haven’t felt broken at some point. I did for years, especially about the workings of my own mind. I was only four when I slipped on the driveway behind my father’s reversing car. A piece of my skull was shattered, and my parents were told that I had only a 50% chance of recovery and that recovery would more than likely result in some form of brain damage. I did recover with a scar that arcs across the left side of my skull and a steel pin to plug the hole in my head. The doctors were elated by my “complete” recovery. But I wondered and worried about it for over half of my existence. My family was also reluctant to believe it and their doubts only fueled my own. Now I am in my 70’s, and often forget the major reasons for my own self-doubt. I started writing to see if I could actually find out if my mind really works. And due to some very fortuitous happenings, it became a rich profession I would never have dared to dream. So continue to write dark, but always remember that it is only the light that defines the darkness. It is only the light that gives it its dimensions.


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