By AJ O’Brien.

And we stand together
you and I,
climbing above the screams
of an asylum.
Our eyes, indecent shadows
dancing upon the weak.

Malice was a forethought
our hunger obscene,
pursuing wicked dreams
to an unknown place.
You and I,
we were damaged hunters.

Opening dams scarlet bright
eating forbidden fruit
we drank from fountains red.
And down this sinful road
you and I,
we did happily tread.

26 thoughts on “Insanity”

  1. “Malice was a forethought
    our hunger obscene,”
    great lines

    on a different note, i came to your blog after not visiting this website or writing much the past couple years, and well shit howdy, i just wrote and posted a piece about forbidden fruit on my lunch break. hope all is well

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  2. Beautiful development of theme with both a personal and much wider significance.

    My takeaway: In our individual pursuit of happiness, we flawed humans prey on the weak without foresight of the consequences of our selfish deeds.

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