Monkey on her back

Monkey on her back
By AJ O’Brien.

A candle burning hope
searching for her God
within a greying town,
came upon a man of old
dressed in golden brown.

Spikes pierce the silence
given a free trip
to no man’s land.
She had found hunger,
became one of the dammed.

Within her veins
the killer sang
songs of death and decay,
and so hard she tried to stay alive
but fell along the way.

41 thoughts on “Monkey on her back”

  1. It’s not an easy task to shake the monkey off ones back. Your powerful poem doesn’t condemn the addict but rather, sheds light on her struggles and in her humanity. Heartbreaking and potent poem, Alan darkling. πŸŒΉπŸ’‹πŸ’˜

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  2. Alan, that second verse in particular is wrenching. Everywhere we read of the advancing Opioid Crisis. Drugs are destroying lives and families. Their power is truly demonic. Yet your compassion for victims is evident in everything you write.

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          1. Laura has been completely clean for thirteen months. she has a new life and I’ve never seen her so happy.

            Paul is in what he calls recovery. His idea of recover differs from mine. Right now he’s drunk. He got into a fight, then assaulted a police officer who’s brought him back to me because he doesn’t want the hassle.

            Nor do I, but tomorrow he’ll probably be a nicer person.

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