By AJ O’Brien.

Shadows turn to dust
voices melting
slipping to the floor,
tumbling memories,
an unwanted smile.

Far away echoes
charred remains, a distant place.
A graveyard secret
mistakes stain her mind.
Someone to love forever
meaningless thoughts that float away.

26 thoughts on “Asylum”

      1. I read this just before posting my latest. It spoke to me, probably not as you, the writer, intended, but as me, the reader, selfishly interpreted it to fulfill my needs. Brilliant and needed, thank you!

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  1. I like the way you give just enough information to convey the emotion, but let your readers use their own imagination to fill in the details. That she is haunted by her past comes across clearly, exactly what is her past is enticingly vague. Great job, Alan!

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