And the sun still shone

And the sun still shone

I cry for the lonely
and pray for those
that cannot cope.
Wishing dreams
would come true
for those who live in hope.

Holding the hand of sorrow
through darkest days,
listening for words unsaid.
Watching out for each other,
because the blind,
they need to be led.

35 thoughts on “And the sun still shone”

  1. Such a solid, natural poetic voice with which you write, I will serve you well. You have an ace title for this piece. Ace. The inclusion of a conjuction as the first word, that fact you capitalized the “A”, the lovely sense of time that “still” implies. Eternally hopeful despite previous hurt. That’s a tune we can all dance to! Cheers. Keep at it!

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  2. I read a while back that there’s an epidemic of loneliness, and I can well believe it. Your words remind us all that we need to reach out to each other, especially to those who are isolated. Sometimes, isolation takes the form of living alone, but often one can be isolated and lonely in a crowd of people.
    Great work, Alan.

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