By AJ O’Brien.

I know a man with a plan
to kill as many people as he can.
His mind, damaged and erratic,
the gun, fully automatic.

Armed and ready to go
I held him within, screaming no.

I fought him tooth and nail
knowing I must not fail.
But he drinks from the inner me
our lust for a killing spree.

I put the gun to his head
pulled the trigger. And we lay dead.

And the room fell quiet
just another empty riot.
But he was brave,
so many lives he did save.

46 thoughts on “Overload”

  1. Another wonderful share, so many great comments I enjoy reading. Thanks for stopping by my blog again and liking some of my book reviews, always so appreciated πŸ™‚ Take care till next time, Val.

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  2. I love the rhyme, and also, the cadence, meter or speaking flow (whatever you call it). For example,

    His mind, damaged and erratic,
    the gun, fully automatic.

    I work with the Severely Mentally Ill every week. Adequate Mental Health services will save more lives, so it doesn’t have to come to this.

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  3. I’ve got goosies, Alan, gooooooosies! The struggle between good and evil is a constant battle, but man, if it’s happening inside us, that just makes it so much more toxic! Looooooove itπŸ–€πŸ’œπŸ’“

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  4. This was your most powerful yet! I really wish we could figure out a way to identify and help those who want to do this, but so far, the solution you suggest seems to be the only option. And that is beyond sad….. Thanks for the insight Alan. It reminds us all that we need to do better. Plus, this poem, as all your others, stands on it own just for its literary merit.

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  5. Well done, Alan, especially in light of all the pointless shootings that take place these days. What a wonderful line: “And the room fell quiet, just another empty riot.” I found your closing darkly humorous.

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  6. I think my comment got lost when sent…I’ll try again.
    So many minds out there running on overload…so, so sad. I wish we were wise enough to recognize and treat the cause, before seeing the effect.
    A sobering piece, Alan. Well done.

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