Black Hammer

Black Hammer
By AJ O’Brien.

And she stood silent
within a crowd of blue,
until the voices
were dark and distant
and she knew what to do.

And she came upon
a fat and empty clown,
with a gun in his hand
whispering songs of neon,
ready to paint the town.

And she turned to flee
as the black hammer fell,
hearing only
the distant ringing
of her death knell.

And she lay dying
beneath the grin of a clown,
as the black hammer fell
again and again,
until her mind shut down.

And she lay silent
within a coffin blue,
as a fat and empty clown
whispers songs of neon,
not knowing what else to do.



37 thoughts on “Black Hammer”

  1. I got the shivers reading your frightening and beautiful poem, Alan. The colors created a world of terror that pounded and hypnotized me. Such a dazzling array of both neon and black hues! 🖤💚💙💛❤️

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  2. oh wow. I see what you mean!!
    i normally like to look at the early posts when i first visit a blog, so i guess i had skimmed past this, got distracted and didnt get a chance to come back.
    wow. this is so vivid! haha i’m glad i got rid of my creepy guy, sitting in a forgotten corner. although, someone else pointed out, he looked so tragic, you almost feel sympathy at first, but that’s how they can fool you/draw you in… (cue sinister music)
    Thanks for visiting! 🌸

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  3. That is well written. You created quite a picture. I’m putting up post tonight on my other blog and will repost it to the one you sent to. I write poetry and this next one also dark. The post will explain why I wrote it – and thanks for finding me. I’ll be back.

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