Belongs dark this madness

Belongs dark this madness
By AJ O’Brien

Keep on swinging
she’s corrupted, insane.
Don’t stop now
break down the barriers,
until you kill her pain.

Fight your way on through
a soul lost you’re seeking.
Cleanse those wicked veins
and don’t listen to the words,
it’s only her killer speaking.

Lock the hunger down
barricade the door.
Let her plead
let her scream and beg,
she ain’t getting no more.




28 thoughts on “Belongs dark this madness”

  1. It’s good to see you’re still holding up the baton with this great poem, Alan. It’s pricked my conscience. Apart from a couple of poems inspired by two people I knew who OD’d recently, I’ve kept off the subject of addiction since my son followed my daughter into recovery. Laura wiped the slate clean – she has a new life and doesn’t want her past to be remembered, and I need a rest from my life revolving around addiction.
    But I’ll get back on it at some point.

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