By AJ O’Brien.

And through darkness
with hope they tread
in search of the demon,
willing to return life
to an innocent, dead.

Silent love wrapped in rags
and the quest did end
upon a crimson hill,
time to meet
an unwanted friend.

Dancing, a shadow white
the beast did appear,
and the air was corrupted
as they both did knell,
two hearts drowning in fear.

Your God has forsaken thou
so you call upon me,
the King of the dead
deaths ancient dancer
beneath the Hanging Tree.

But worry not, cried the demon.
I shall return life to your daughter.
And in return, he sniggered,
One of you
I must slaughter.





23 thoughts on “Desperation”

  1. Hey, Alan! I wanted to let you know that I just read your latest poem, unjust, and thought it was great! It makes me wonder just how often innocent people are convicted and even killed…
    But what I also wanted to let you know was that I didn’t see a way to comment on that poem either. I know you’ve had the problem before, which is what makes me think it might not be deliberate. (Or it could be there, and I missed it, which is a distinct possibility!)

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