A fall from on high

A fall from on high
By AJ O’Brien.

A thousand blazing Suns
from galaxies unknown
erupted from his eyes,
and climbing toward emptiness
whispered their goodbyes.

And the keeper of sorrows
held sadness at bay
as he collected the tears
on that lost and lonely day.

For an Angel of God
a liquid shadow
has fallen from grace,
and banished from Heaven
to reside beneath our mortal race.

32 thoughts on “A fall from on high”

        1. I couldn’t see a place to comment on that post, so maybe that’s why no one else did either? I didn’t know if it was deliberate or not, but obviously it’s not. When you look at that post, do you see a place to comment? WordPress does odd things now and then. For a while, I couldn’t reply to comments on my page without logging off and back on after each one!

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            1. Oh, good! Now you know that people wanted to comment, but just couldn’t. And that’s so much better than thinking no one wanted to comment. Sometimes, I think our computers conspire to make us feel bad….

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