For Caeden
My Grandson.
By AJ O’Brien

Your beautiful heart beats
to the call of an ancient race,
each and every breath
a summer breeze
upon my face.

I shall watch in awe
as your mind and spirit grow,
your soul I will embrace.
Welcome newcomer,
sweet Caeden.
Welcome to the human race.

Caeden is an old Irish name.
Pronounced Kayden.

57 thoughts on “Welcome”

    1. Thank you dear Anna.
      I only post once a fortnight.
      Work takes up so much time.
      And my little Rainbow is now four months old.
      My wife and I are in our fifties.
      But when we’re with Caeden, we’re in our twenties.
      A new lease of life. 😃

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  1. Comhghairdeas! (Congratulations!) Damn good news, Alan, sorry I’m late to the party. Here’s wishing all the best to the newest member of the tribe. 🙂 Your poem is a fine tribute in our bardic tradition, fit for a chieftain.

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    1. Go raibh maith agat Oglach.
      I’m so pleased you liked the poem
      and left such a wonderful comment.
      He’s our first grandchild, and my wife
      and I are so happy our daughter Siobhan,
      can’t do the fada above the a on my iPad,
      and son in law Stephen chose such a beautiful
      old Irish name.
      I would love to send you a photo, but would rather not.
      Not online.

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      1. Yes Alan, it’s best to keep those sorts of things private. I’m sure he’s a strong and handsome boy, and he has a good name. I’m very happy for you, and happy in general. A whole new world for you now, I think. 😉

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  2. Congratulations, Alan. Having a grandchild to love washes all the mud away. It’s like nothing else in the world, different than becoming a parent – less scary, maybe. Being a grandparent completes you. My oldest grandson is twenty, and even now, when I look at him, I’m often overwhelmed with love and pride, as I am with the other four. The surprise of it never goes away.
    It’s a lovely poem, and it’s great that he’s been given such a beautiful, traditional name.

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  3. Welcome, little one! You have a grandpa everyone at SMM looks up to — perhaps one day, he can read you his poetry. Since his blood runs in your veins, I’ve a feeling you’ll love them as much as all the monsters do. 👻

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  4. Grandchildren are special gifts…such a joy! You are in for a beautiful ride, Alan. 😊 I hope you save this poem, and when he’s old enough to appreciate it, share it with him…it’s lovely.

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      1. But pure joy! Now, granddad, we must set about recreating a world worthy of such a fine lad.

        He’s going to need dragons of myth and mirth to slay while decked out in his pj’s, with his grandad as his rearguard.

        There is nothing as magical to me as playing with my grandson.

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          1. This is why you are my friend, HL, and shall always be. This is why I cherish our friendship.

            I’ve seen in you, the deep well of love and hope and generosity that has changed the world in times past and can do it again – no matter how hard you try to bury it under those evil poems of yours 😂

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