Dead or alive

Having a good time
cutting a wicked line
Playing silly games
collapsing veins
Your first date
beginning to hallucinate
Being O so rich
shaking like a bitch
Never being poor
no money to score
Having a wonderful dream
dragged awake by a scream
Baby coming soon
heating a loaded spoon
Fine dining
A family hike
another dirty spike
First across the line
doing hard time
Knowing what’s right
uncut China white.

Switch off the dark
Gimme some light.

54 thoughts on “Dead or alive”

  1. i dont think i read this on your other site. i have liked a lot of your stuff with short lines, as i like to write in that style as well, but the pacing of this piece is really nice. i have lost a few too many friends to the demons of addiction, and i think this piece addresses hard drugs nicely. i have mixed feelings about the end. i think …right/…white would have been great lines to end on, but i do enjoy the break between them and the last two lines. good piece, glad i came back!

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  2. Excellent poem, Alan. I think I’ve read this one of yours before, is that right? The subject is a dark one, to be sure, and makes me think of friends who are no longer with us. How different their lives could have been had they only known how far they would fall after taking the plunge, and how lucky are those who escaped.

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    1. Thank you Oglach.
      You’re very kind.
      Yes, this is a poem I posted
      on my old site. As I mentioned,
      on this site I will post some earlier
      stuff along with the new.

      You’re quite right Oglach,
      once started its very hard to escape.

      To absent friends.

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  3. This one left me reeling the first time round. It has no less effect now. Brilliantly done, Alan. I was afraid that all of those poems you wrote on your last blog (and the one before) had been lost in the ether, never to be seen again.

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  4. You captured the tug of war between light and dark, clean and drug-addicted, so well here. Bouncing back and forth, mind never still, wanting both worlds. But ultimately, the dark becomes too much, and one wants only to feel the clean light.
    It must be a horrid life.
    Well done, Alan. Bravo!

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