The enemy on X street


Soft the pillow
but heavy
so so heavy.
Like a mountain heavy.

She, the law breaker
must be strong,
for hope has danced here
far too long.

Pushing, holding down
fighting a losing fight.
She needs absolution,
not tears
to put things right.

30 thoughts on “The enemy on X street”

  1. Add me to your list of friends who are pleased to see you back, Alan – and writing on a subject I hold dear.
    I should be in bed, but I couldn’t resist reading this lovely poem. It speaks to me, Few of us would have the courage, or the strength of will, to carry out such an extreme act of love. I know, as I’m one of those who didn’t.

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      1. It was a long time ago. My aunt had asked a couple of us if we’d help her out if she reached the point where her life was burdensome. We said we would, but we never agreed the details, then she passed the point where she could tell us the time was right. Don’t know if I could have done it in any case.
        Now it’s just a useful memory.

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